Joint Study Programme with Double Diploma in Work and Organizational Psychology

Possibilities of employment of graduates

The report of the Rector of the University of 2012 states that the graduates of social sciences are in great request in the labour market. Good indexes of employment of the University’s graduates and research performed by the Lithuanian Labour Exchange (LLE) prove this fact. There were only 208 MRU graduates that were registered in the Lithuanian Labour Exchange as of January 1st, 2013, which is just slightly 3.03% of all graduates of higher education institutions registered in the LLE and only 0.1% of all the unemployed registered in the LLE. It is also important to mention that even those registered in the LLE are there for a very short time. Labour Exchange data indicates that during the last half year, 177 of those registered in the LLE, who were MRU graduates, received jobs or created their own jobs.

Mykolas Romeris University Marketing Office performs surveys of graduates in order to find out the possibilities for the graduates of different profiles to take positions in the labour market. According to the data provided by the Marketing Office, the majority of persons having accomplished the Master studies of psychology in 2012 were mostly employed in joint stock companies, government institutions, and private sector institutions.

Graduates with Master’s qualification of Work and organizational psychologist can be employed in various institutions. However, there is a lack and need of work and organizational psychologists in different institutions in Lithuania. Research of Demand for Psychologist Services in Business Enterprises results confirms the need of work and organizational psychologist. 845 heads and other leading persons, representing 237 business enterprises, belonging to 18 of the most important branches of the country's economy have participated in this research. The interrogatd leading persons in business enterprises assessed the necessity of psychological services as very high in all branches of business, so demand for psychological service was discovered.

Connection of the programme with the interests of employees. In 2003–2004 the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania together with the Institute of Labour and Social Research performed a research on the competitiveness of graduates of universities in the labour market and in 2007–2008 they performed a systematic evaluation of the match between supply and demand of specialists of highest qualification (Masters). One of the main suggestions of employers concerning the training of specialists in high schools was to pay respect to the demands and tendencies of the labour market relating the theory and practice accordingly, suggesting the market more varied teaching programmes, training specialist of narrower specialization. It should be noted that the Master’s study programme of Work and Organizational psychology basically meets the interests of employers.